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How do I update my software?

The MultiGage software should be updated on a regular basis. You can update it by connecting your device to WFi and updating through the Apple Store or Google Play. If you are using it on a Windows device, you can re-download the software here.

How do I use the software?

For MultiGage, view the tutorial video playlist here.

How many gauges can I connect at the same time?

For iOS, up to 14 gauges can be simultaneously connected.

For Android, up to 8 gauges can be simultaneously connected.

For Windows PC, up to 8 gauges can be simultaneously connected to a single dongle. More dongles can be added at the same time to increase connection capacity.

What is the data transmission range of your gauges?

All gauges have a transmission range of 35 metres.

I need to install the driver for the BLE dongle to use the Windows software. How can I do that?

You can download the driver from the Downloads page, and install it by following the instructions in this tutorial video.

What is the difference between BlueDial and BlueDial-LT

The main difference between BlueDial and BlueDial-LT is the indicator used for integration with the Bluetooth transmitter. BlueDial is based on Mitutoyo digital indicators, while BlueDial-LT uses generic Motionics indicators. Hence, BlueDial has better build quality than BlueDial-LT and is expected to be more reliable, robust and durable. Additionally, BlueDial comes with a certificate of inspection from Mitutoyo while BlueDial-LT doesn’t.

Another minor difference is that BlueDial has a higher data transmission rate than BlueDial-LT: 10 samples/second vs 8 samples/second.

How can I send live readings to an Excel doc?

In MultiGage Windows, go to the Settings tab, then Export to Excel, and check the box that says, “Enable Auto Export to Excel in Continuous Recording." Make sure your recording rate is slower than 1 sample/second, and you’re in continuous recording mode. Open an Excel document, select the cell you’d like to start the recording in, and once you press the Record button in MultiGage and switch back to the Excel doc, readings will be streamed automatically to Excel.

My BlueDial doesn’t send data. What should I do?

Here are some tips for a quick fix:

  • Make sure both the dial indicator and Bluetooth transmitter are turned on (the display on front shows a number readout and the LED on the back turns on blue).
  • Fully charge BlueDial and try again.
  • If BlueDial is connected but there is no data coming through, turn the device off and on then connect again.

Do you provide repair services for your products?

Yes, we provide repair services to our products. Please contact us for more details.

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