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BlueLaser WLM27CG

Technical Specifications

 WLM27CG (Bosch GLM165-27CG)
Measurement Range  0.15 - 50m 
Resolution  0.5mm
Accuracy  ±1.5mm
Wireless Data Rate 2 samples/sec
Transmission Range  35m 
Working Temperature  -10 - 40 ºC
Battery  2x AA
IP Reading  IP65
Laser Beam Colour  Green 


Product Description

Bosch GLM50 / GLM165 is a compact pocket size yet highly accurate laser distance measure. It measures distances from up to 165 feet to within 1/8 inch. Thanks to its built-in Bluetooth Low Energy technology, laser measurement readings can be easily picked up wirelessly in Motionics apps/software on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows PC. When working together with other measurement devices in applications such as Benkelman tests, GLM50 provides accurate coordinate reference and greatly facilitates the test process.

Device Connection

For iOS, up to 14 gauges can be simultaneously connected.

For Android, up to 8 gauges can be simultaneously connected.

For Windows PC, up to 8 gauges can be simultaneously connected to a single dongle. More dongles can be added at the same time to increase connection capacity.

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