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BlueTak Wireless Tachometer

Technical Specifications

BlueTak Contact Non-contact
Measurement Range 0.8-25,000 rpm 6-99,999 rpm
Resolution 1 RPM 0-9,999: 0.1 RPM
10,000 and above: 1 RPM
Accuracy ±0.006% of reading ±1 least significant digit
Wireless Data Rate 2 samples/sec
Transmission Range Up to 35m
Working Temperature 0-50ºC
Battery 2x AA Batteries

Product Description

BlueTak is a Bluetooth digital tachometer that allows users to view and record readings remotely from their iOS, Android, or PC device wirelessly using Motionics’ free software, MultiGage. You can connect to multiple instruments and instrument types simultaneously, and eliminate human error and improve safety through wireless measurement.


  • Contact and Non contact functionality
  • Works with the dial indicator stand for hands free use.

Device Connection

For iOS, up to 14 gauges can be simultaneously connected.

For Android, up to 8 gauges can be simultaneously connected.

For Windows PC, up to 8 gauges can be simultaneously connected to a single dongle. More dongles can be added at the same time to increase connection capacity.

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