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PTZ Camera

Mount the camera to the underside of a vehicle for conducting inspections while live testing.

Technical Specifications

PTZ Camera
Operation Time 
9 hours 
Camera  2mp HD 33x Optical Zoom 
Connection  4G WiFi 
Camera Tilt  360° Endless Rotation 
Mount Option 
Magnetic Base & Tripod 


PTZ Camera Screen  7" IPS Touch Screen
Resolution  1280x800
Battery  Built-in 7.6V Lithium polymer battery, 7800mAh
Dimensions/Weight  276mm x 163mm x 44mm / 1.14kg

Product Description

The all-metal structure is waterproof (waterproof
grade reaches IP66), and has a built-in lithium
battery that can last for up to 9 hours.

With the built-in 4G transmission module, users
can insert a local SIM card, allowing the device to
communicate with the command center in real
time through 4G wireless transmission.

When performing a inspection, the PTZ camera can
be temporarily installed at the desired location.
After the inspection is completed, the PTZ camera
can be easily removed.


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