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GPK-32 4WD Inspection Robot

Examine hard-to-reach spaces beneath heavy
machinery where human access is limited and unsafe.

Technical Specifications

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TP-638-390 TP-638-390


Product Desciption

This compact, durable 4-wheel drive (4WD) inspection robot goes where you can’t or don’t want to go. The GPK-32 4WD Zoom is maneuverable, climbs over most obstacles like rocks, pipes, and debris, and is easy to control with a 7-inch screen on the remote. It also records HD video and photos onto an SD card to provide the operator with more insights and quality reporting. Dark places are not a concern with high-powered LED spotlights attached to the custom tilt bracket holding the camera.



  • Durable construction with a sturdy anodized black aluminium chassis
  • HD camera with video and pictures stored on an SD card
  • 75m Range with Video Feed
  • Camera and LED spotlights on a custom actuated tilt bracket (-20° to +75°)
  • 2-hour run time with quick-swap battery
  • Remote control with 7” screen and live video feed
  • Rugged transport case for easy storage
  • Roll cage [removable]
  • SD Card Included
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